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Murali Agrawal

A veteran in the field with over 18 years of experience in the real estate, housing and financial industry, Mr Agrawal successfully founded and operated a team of over 400 people during his early venture and has managed to shift as an Angel Investor to the budding entrepreneurs. His initial investment was in the infrastructure and housing sector where he managed to pick up a top pick in the form of FlyHomes which was acquired by the Campus Student Housing Committee at a 1000% yield in under a year.

A great mentor and a successful entrepreneur himself, Mr. Rungta initially founded Fly homes (student housing) which ultimately got acquired and gave his investors 10x returns in less than a year. Since then he has founded another company, namely Reev Travels in the traveling industry and also stays active in the start-up horizon as an Angel Investor. His notable investments include SeekRewards, a fintech platform and he seeks to find more opportunity in this space.

A visionary and a problem solver for the past 7 years, Mr Bajoria is a first generation entrepreneur with his core skills revolving around economics and risk management. His understanding of global themes and qualitative approach to find out the best aligned investments is the future of decision-making ahead. He has experience in the public capital markets for over 3 years now and is looking to capitalize his risk management system to find the outperforming sector in the private markets. He is also an active start-up mentor and consultant having a portfolio of 10+ start-ups to work with.